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Barcelona WINE TOUR Maresme BCN Coast

More fortified, on the façade there are bullet impacts for the French War.
It had been made a lot of wine, there is a cube where there can be 20 people treading grapes, there was a lot of wine.

There is also a large pot for the wine to boil, they were low-grade wines, the sugar was concentrated and it was not damaged.

They are people who keep the land alive and when the winemaker proposed them to recover the vineyard they said yes.

Curiosity: it has been for generations that the name has been lost because many girls are born for many years now.


He passed water to Can Sala and until the last drought had never been seen as dry during the war he was used as a prison,

Maresme Wine Tour Barcelona Coast 
Barcelona WINE TOUR Maresme BCN Coast
Hike & Wine Barcelona Maresme
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