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Best Things To Do In Pineda De Mar Barcelona Coast

Best Things To Do in Pineda de Mar Barcelona Coast

1. Pineda de Mar History

Maresme Touristic Town- Best Things to do in Pineda de Mar

Pineda de Mar is a coastal municipality of El Maresme with a large tourist offer facilitated by its large and long beaches. Obviously, enjoying the Maresme Coast is one of the best things to do in Pineda de Mar. As a tourist municipality, it has all the necessary equipment to guarantee visitors a pleasant stay. In the cultural section, mention must be made of the Tharrats Graphic Art Foundation. The artist Joan Josep Tharrats i Vidal (1918-2001) was very linked to the municipality; Proof of this is the donation made to the villa of all his graphic work and more than half a thousand works by other recognized artists that were part of his private collection (Tàpies, Miró, Perejaume, Joan Brossa …).

Quality Cultural Tourism

The Tharrats Foundation is a good attraction for visitors who make a commitment to cultural tourism. In fact, we must also highlight the farmhouse of Can Comas, headquarters of the Tharrats Foundation. Located in the Plaza de Catalunya, it has become the space for cultural dynamization of the municipality. It is an old manor house acquired by the town hall and shows a spectacular artistic work of visual poetry with large letters on the facade, a work of which the artist Javier Mariscal is the author. Apart from tourism, industry and commerce are also important economic drivers of Pineda.

Pineda de Mar Mountains -Roman History

The area located more towards the mountain is part of the Montnegre-Corredor Natural Park. The Iberians had already dwelt in these lands; there are archaeological remains that testify it. Of the Roman time it emphasizes the town of Can Roig. Here came a Roman aqueduct from which still today there is a section with several arcades in the place known as Can Cua, on the road to Hortsavinyà.

Medieval Castle Pineda de Mar

From the medieval stage remains of the castle of Montpalau, documented in the eleventh century, which is located on the summit of the hill of the same name. Around the church of Santa Maria, consecrated by the Bishop of Gerona in 1079, the urban center we know today was formed. Like all the towns of the coastal zone, Pineda de Mar preserves towers that were built from the sixteenth century to defend against the pirate attacks of North Africa; the tower of Sant Jaume is a good example.

2. Modernisme Pineda de Mar

Art Nouveau Modernism Barcelona Coast

With the arrival of the 20th century, Pineda experienced an important demographic growth and important houses were built. Can Coronel is a magnificent casal located in the street of Girona. It has ground floor, floor, attic, a roof and a square lookout tower. The building is from the first decade of the twentieth century and consists basically of three bodies, all with straight lines. The main nave has a ground floor, a flat, attic and a roof with a balustrade. On each side there is a single-story body with a roof, also surrounded by a balustrade. From the main roof there is a small lookout tower, also with a balustrade. The windows on the ground floor are protected with wrought iron grille. On the first floor there is a balcony and a window on both sides. Decorative elements stand out on the lintel of the three openings.

Pineda de Mar Modernisme Maresme- Best things to do in Pineda

Doctor Bertomeu’s house is located in Balmes street. It is a modernist building that combines plain and light-colored stucco with the brick seen from doors and windows, the cornice and the columns that support the fence that closes the garden of the house. A lookout tower with a pyramidal roof stands out.

On the street of El Consolat de Mar you can see a manor house of neoclassical style. Can Basart is formed by several bodies. It has a square side tower with slightly pyramidal cover and a main body finished with boldly wavy lines. Under the balcony of this main body is the entrance of the stately home, with a classic style portal, almost Renaissance.

Modernisme Tour Maresme- Best things to do in Pineda

The building of the current town hall, located in Plaza de Catalunya, is the work of the architect Isidre Puig Boada. It was built between 1914 and 1917 to replace the former town hall. Its lines are simple, unpretentious. It is a building with a clean and clear facade, without ornamentation. Emphasizes the porch with columns and arcades that gives access to the building. On the first floor there is a very sober balcony with straight lines with a wrought iron railing that is only allowed to have decorative elements in the corners and the central part. Two windows with a semicircular arch and the shield of Pineda in the middle of the two preside over the balcony. Under the cornice there is a large circular clock.

Pineda de Mar Modernisme Tour

The year 1922, the Barcelona architect Isidre Puig i Boada was responsible for the general plan of alignments of squares and streets of Pineda de Mar. His relationship with this town was very durable and he made several projects of houses. One of them is on Calle de El Mar, 22, and has a facade very decorated with floral motifs. In the same street there are more buildings of diverse authorship that are worthy of admiration, such as Casa del Comandant and Can Ribera. Some of these houses were built by holidaymakers who frequented Pineda during the first third of the 20th century. The majority are from Noucentista lines.

Catalan Modernism Barcelona Coast- Best things to do in Pineda

Despite being nineteenth-century and neoclassical, we would like to expressly mention the building of the Pineda Library, inaugurated in 1922 according to the project of architect Lluís Planas i Calvet. The library is named after the mayor who managed to get the Mancomunitat de Catalunya, through the Popular Libraries Service, to start up an equipment of these characteristics in the town of Pineda. We speak of Manuel Serra i Moret (Vic, 1884 – Perpignan, 1963), great politician, economist and writer who was mayor of Pineda de Mar in two stages, president of the Parliament of Catalonia in exile and conseller of the Generalitat.


L’arquitectura entre dos segles

Photos Ig: @margacruz_fotografia

Text: Pep Andreu


3. Best Things to Do in Pineda de Mar

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