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What is a HIKE & WINE?

HIKE & WINE TOUR Barcelona Coast

The main idea is to enjoy the hiking adventure while having the chance to do a wine tasting and wine tour on family cellar during the trail. There is nothing better than enjoying nature, mountains, sea, outdoor activity, vineyards, local tour and a great wine tasting, all in one day… amazing!!

Hike & wine is a great to discover and explore Catalonia throughout the different wine DO’s: Alella, Montsant, Penedès, Empordà, Tarragona, El Garraf…

Everybody can do it because we have different levels of hiking, and different wine tastings (white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, rose wine, cava and natural wines).

What do you like red wine, white wine or cava?

Maresme Hike & Wine Tour Barcelona

You can choose a different hike & wine adventure depending on your desires to enjoy any kind of wine or mediterranean landscapes such as sea, mountain, vineyards combining a great wine tour.

All the visits are personalized, which means local wine farmers will welcome us to explain how they work, live and the wine production. It’s a really different experience!!

Hike & Wine Tour Penedès

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