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HIKE & WINE TOUR Barcelona Maresme Coast

HIKE & WINE TOUR Barcelona Maresme Coast

HIKE & WINE Tour Barcelona Coast

Departure from Barcelona Arc de Triomf

Our meeting point is in Arc de Triomf, early in the morning. The train ride is very beautiful since we can see the splendor of the Maresme coast in the north of Barcelona. On the train we talk about each other, as we are curious about getting to know us.

HIKE & WINE TOUR Barcelona Coast

Breakfast in Canet de Mar

Once we arrive at Canet de Mar, we stop in a local town cafeteria. The owner received us with a great surprise due to the number of the group. Once breakfast is finished, we collect ourselves around the trees. We make a presentation of all the attendees, to know names, and interests. For example, what are the reasons for participating in the hike and wine tour? If it is because of the excursion, the wine, the sea, the mountain, visit the Maresme, etc.

HIKE & WINE TOUR Barcelona Coast


Hiking trail near Sant Pol de Mar

Everyone is smiling, we start the hiking trail. We enter the forest through paths where you can lose it. Obviously, the incline of the mountain with the sea position makes it easier to orient. In some sections, the ascent is demanding. Certainly, we end up arriving at Pedracastell summit. The ascent is from behind in the direction of the sea, which makes the views spectacular.  We can see Canet de Mar, Arenys de Mar and Sant Pol de Mar with the Mediterranean breeze in the background.


After the effort, it is very gratifying to rest with the magnificent views from the Creu de Canet. Which is of one of the peaks of Catalonia in its great landscape value from the Maresme, the coast of Barcelona and Catalonia.

WINE TASTING Barcelona Maresme

Once rested, we continue the route through the ridge of the mountain, quite flat, with some slope section. In general, is very nice from where we can see Montseny and Montnegre.

Maresme Winery

WINE TASTING Barcelona Coast

In the middle of the route, we will stop at the local natural wines vineyards, which are just over 4 years old. The most surprising are the spectacular views from the vineyard with the splendor of the sea and the typical landscape of the Maresme, sea, mountains, vineyards, coastal villages, with the presence of Mataró, Castell de Burriac, and the coast of Barcelona in the background.

  HIKE & WINE TOUR Barcelona Maresme

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  1. […] Talking about Alella (Barcelona) is talking about wines,  which means that wine tasting is one of the best things to do in Alella Barcelona. The land of this Maresme municipality, located near the sea and enjoying a mild climate without extreme changes, has favored the cultivation of the vineyard. combining nature outdoor activities and wine tasting., which is the perfect wine tour. […]

  2. We will be in Barcelona and Costa Brava (LLorett) Sept 14 to Sept 21. Best date is Sept 17th
    when we drive from Barcelona to Llorett. Do you have any wine tours those dates ?

    1. Dear Irene,

      Nice to read from you through our website.

      Yes, on September we have hike & wine tours on Maresme Barcelona Coast near Lloret.

      On weekends we have open inscriptions tours but if you want enjoy a mon-fri wine tour (september 17th) we can provide a personalized one.

      How many people will you be interested to join? Do you prefer half day or day trip?

      Looking forward to reading from you soon.

      Best regards,

      Jofre Bosch

      Hike & Wine Tours Barcelona

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