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Maresme Barcelona A Great MICE Destination

Maresme Barcelona a great MICE Destination

1. Workshop Maresme Barcelona a great MICE Destination

To start with, on wednesday June 26th, companies in the tourism sector in the Maresme have had a workshop in the Jalpí Castle. Above all, this conference was meant to discuss MICE tourism. In other words, the main purpose was to consolidate Maresme Barcelona as a great MICE Destination.

Firstly, we had a breakfast in the garden. Then, we had the opportunity to meet each other and have the first impressions with the different MICE Companies in Maresme Barcelona: hotels such as the Aqua Hotel in Santa Susanna; restaurants, sight seeing tour agencies such as Hike & Wine Barcelona, ​​leisure companies such as Marina Port Premià or La Roca Village, sports clubs such as Llavaneras Golf Club, etc.

Secondly, we went to the auditorium, where the speakers presented their presentations: the owner of Jalpí Castle, the Mayor of Arenys de Munt Josep Sànchez i Camps, Joaquím Arnó, the President of the Consorci de Turisme del Maresme , Elena Altimir from expert on MICE Travel and Agata Puigmal from Grupo Evento Plus.


2. Elena Altimir expert on MICE Travel

Above all, what do we sell in the Tourism sector of Maresme Barcelona Coast? 

For instance, experience, specialized catering, services, sports, sustainable activities, spaces, heritage culture, events and emotions, adventure and gastronomy, wine tourism, weddings, teambuilding, outdoor scape, events and emotions.

Moreover, there is a big trend for Educational or Farm Trips. In addition, when we talk about Channels for MICE clients, we are talking about people’s industry. Basically, the MICE client looks for “experience of emotional impact”.

In short, it is important to have a sustainable identity, which distinguishes us in the Maresme Barcelona Coast.

Maresme Barcelona MICE Destination examples

Certainly, why Barcelona was chosen as the venue of the Mobile World Congress? On one hand, Barcelona was the favourite one because of the creativity and the ability to work as a team. On the other hand, companies want to feel they return value to the city. (For example, the MWC comes in February because it is low season).

Most importantly, when you mention Barcelona around the world, people always smile. Likewise, the Catalan capital is an extraordinary product. Consequently, Maresme Barcelona is a great MICE Destination due its proximity with Barcelona city on the north coastline.

3. Agata Puigmal – Evento Plus

That is to say, Evento Plus is an Events company based in Barcelona, ​​number 1 in the MICE  Travel sector. To clarify, we have to differentiate ourselves by rethinking the user’s experience.

Maresme Barcelona MICE Destination examples

For example, Sitges is distinguished as Gay-friendly. But the proximity to Barcelona is further than Maresme Barcelona Coast. Therefore, the closeness to Barcelona is the most important feature, which makes Maresme Barcelona a great MICE Destination.

In addition, what are the distinguished elements of MICE? Most importantly, authenticity, real experiences, free time, personalization, technology and human factor. Further, the luxury is no longer so important, the MICE client looks for a unique local experience which must be real.

However, we have to listen what the client needs, what type of event he wants, what experience he has enjoyed previously and how is the decision process.

Workshop Maresme MICE Hike & Wine Barcelona

4. Final Workshop Maresme MICE Travel Destination

Finally, we have divided ourselves into different working groups, where we have set out different case studies. As a result, from Hike & Wine Catalonia we had the pleasure of sharing the MICE Travel Destination Barcelona Coast Maresme workshop with Gemma Fuster from Club de Golf Llavaneras, Montse González from Aqua Hotel, Alberto Rodríguez from Marina Port Premià, and many others, what a pleasure! 🙂

In conclusion, surely we will keep working towards consolidate Maresme Barcelona as a great MICE Destination.

Workshop MICE Destination Maresme



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