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Best Things To Do In Alella Barcelona

Best things to do in Alella Barcelona

Hike & Wine Tour Alella

Alella wine history- Things to do in Alella Barcelona

A great wine location near Barcelona

Talking about Alella (Barcelona) is talking about wines,  which means that wine tasting is one of the best things to do in Alella Barcelona. The land of this Maresme municipality, located near the sea and enjoying a mild climate without extreme changes, has favored the cultivation of the vineyard. combining nature outdoor activities and wine tasting., which is the perfect wine tour.

Hike & Wine Tour Alella


Roman wine history Tour- Things to do in Alella Barcelona

The Romans were the first who knew how to take advantage of the bonanza of this climate to produce wines, the Laietana wines, which were known anywhere in the Empire. Later, wines from the El Maresme region were exported to a large part of Europe and especially to America. In one of hour hike & wine tours we offer a guided tour to the Roman Wine Cellar Vallmora (Teià). Before visiting a wine cellar one of the best things to do in Alella Barcelona is enjoying a wine tasting.

Hike & Wine Tour Alella


Alella one of the smallest Denomination of Origin

In Catalonia, the Alella wine was one of the favorites of the Barcelona bourgeoisie. The plague of phylloxera, which affected practically all the Catalan territory at the end of the 19th century, left many vineyards in El Maresme without vineyards, which until then also had an important wine production. But the farmers of Alella, stubborn, looked for ways to continue producing their wine, replanting the vines with new roots of American foot. In 1956 the Denomination of Origin (DO) Alella was recognized, one of the smallest in Spain. At present, DO Alella covers 18 municipalities in the districts of El Maresme and El Vallès Oriental.

Things to do in Alella Barcelona

Hike & Wine Tours Alella

Wine Varieties DO Alella

This territory produces a good number of wines from white varieties such as white raisin (also known as xarelo), white grenache, chardonnay, macabeo, perallada, chenin and white sauvignon, and red varieties such as rosé, picapoll, tempranillo, garnacha ink, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and pinot noir. Some of them are traditional varieties and others have been introduced over time. Of all the range of products, white wines are those that have more tradition and prestige, although in recent years reds are also taking center stage for their high quality.

Hike & Wine Tour

Alella Harvest Festival

The wine and the vineyard mark the landscape of Alella and also the economic and cultural life of this municipality. In September, Alella celebrates the Harvest Festival, the most important event that welcomes the town. The festival combines playful and traditional events with the dissemination of the wine culture and local cuisine.

Things to do in Alella Barcelona

Hike & Wine Tour Alella

Winery Tour- one of the best things to do in Alella Barcelona

Alella’s bond with wine has also left its mark on its architecture. The farmhouses had their own winery in the wettest part of the construction, as can be seen in Can Magarola, the oldest in Alella, dating from the fourteenth century and which today is the headquarters of the Regulatory Council of the DO Alella. place of practices of the Higher Degree in commercial management and marketing oriented to oenology. A processing plant located in the old winery, a tasting room and the testimonial vineyard at your feet make this farmhouse still active as a winemaker.

Modernisme Art Nouveau- Things to do in Alella Barcelona

Winery Alella Vinícola

Within Alella’s architectural heritage there is a series of modernist buildings consisting of several types of construction: industrial architecture, housing and equipment. One of the most singular and well-known buildings is the winery Alella Vinícola Can Jonc. Built in 1907 in the central Rambla Àngel Guimerà, the work was designed by the prestigious architect Jeroni Martorell Terrats (1876-1951). The winery consists of several bodies, executed in different stages.

The main facade is Noucentista aesthetics and the interior of the winery is modernist. The interior space consists of several stone and brickwork buildings with gabled roofs, recessed inside by a set of large parabolic arches supported by square brick pillars. Contemplating this diaphanous space is perfectly understood the concept of the cathedral of wine, coined during the modernist period, and which is applicable to other constructions of similar characteristics from all over Catalonia.

Modernisme Barcelona Winery- Things to do in Alella Barcelona

Another architectural monument characteristic of Alella is the Governador’s Tower. It is named for the fact that its first owner was the governor-general of Catalonia. At the end of the 19th century the house was acquired by Antoni Borrell i Folch, politician and businessman. He was deputy to Cortes in several legislatures and senator. In the business world he made a fortune with the operation of railway lines, the foundation of banks and naval transport. Antoni Borrell commissioned the architect General Guitart i Lostaló (1859-1926) to reform and expand the Governor’s Tower. The result is a spectacular set of buildings of very different styles.

From the point of view of modernism, the recovery of craft techniques in applied arts, clear influence of the British Arts & Crafts movement, such as iron, ceramic work or glass. This new artisan way of working with materials gives a very plastic character to what was previously only functional. Borrell died in 1909 and is buried in a Gothic-inspired modernist pantheon, also the work of Guitart i Lostaló, in the cemetery of Alella. Six years after his death, in July 1916, the Governor’s Tower became the Institució Borrell of the Escola Pia de Alella, under the protection of Nuestra Señora de la Mercè. Since then, the farm is also known as Los Escolapios, although for years it has not functioned as an educational center. The building was one of the scenarios chosen by Pedro Almodóvar for his film La mala educación (2004).

Things to do in Alella Barcelona

Hike & Wine Tour Alella

Alella Summer Holidays Barcelona

Within this architectural catalog also highlights Can Llimona, a summer cottage located in the stream of La Coma Clara. Its most singular element is the cylindrical tower of one of the corners, with conical cover of bicolor glazed ceramic. Under the tower, on the second and the first floor, there are semicircular balconies joined by columns with capitals; all this forms a cylindrical set that breaks the cubic scheme of the rest of the building.

Things to do in Alella Barcelona

Hike & Wine Tours Alella

Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia- Things to do in Alella Barcelona

Cal Boter es otra de las edificaciones relevantes del municipio. Es una típica masía catalana, ampliada en el año 1902 bajo influencia del lenguaje modernista, con resultados como un coronamiento con almenas onduladas y decoradas con baldosas de cerámica vidriada. La decoración cerámica también se aplica a la torre de vigilancia. En esta casa nació el ilustre alellense Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia (1854-1909), pedagogo y fundador de la Escuela Moderna.

Medieval Tour Alella Barcelona

Can Bonveí is another building in Alentejo that must be highlighted. The old farmhouse, the reform on the appearance of a medieval castle, combines the eclecticist and historicist elements with other modernist ones. In this set it stands out the delicious roundabout supported by columns and finished with a semi-spherical cover of glazed tiles, with a pinnacle that stands out at the highest point, located in the garden of Cal Vegetalí.

Holidays in Alella Barcelona

Can Serra is also an example of an old farmhouse converted into a summer house. The most notable elements are the forging of railings and bars, as well as the beautiful exterior lamps that develop a premodernist language of lines coup de fouet and medieval iconography.

Alella Art Nouveau Barcelona

The painting factory of the Vallbona torrent is, in this case, a work of industrial architecture linked to the style of its construction period. The stepped crowning of the facade stands out, profiled with white and blue tiles and exposed brick. Of the same time it is the old slaughterhouse. It is built with stone and exposed brick, and the roof, gabled, is supported by wooden corbels.

Wine Tour Antoni Gaudí- things to do in Alella Barcelona

Finally, it is inexcusable not to mention the link between the brilliant modernist architect Antoni Gaudí and the town of Alella. Gaudí had designed the Casa Vicens, located on Carles street in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. Its owner, the industrialist Manuel Vicens i Montaner, was a good friend of Gaudí. The Vicens family had a house in the street of Dalt de Alella, and invited Gaudí to spend the summers, between 1880 and 1890. Definitely, one of the best things to do in Alella Barcelona is enjoying a wine tour combining with it Antoni Gaudí Art Nouveau Modernisme architecture.

Gaudí Modernisme Tour

The brilliant architect got up very early and went for a walk through the surrounding forests and mountains, with the aim of making a formal geometric study of nature and its plant elements, a determining study for the future development of his architectural work. But his stays in Alella also had a direct impact on the town. Here he made a project for the chapel of the Santíssim Sagrament of the parish church of Sant Feliu. Although the project was approved by the Bishop of Barcelona, ​​unfortunately it was never built.

Barcelona Gaudí Tour Alella

Years passed and no one remembered anything about that project, until in 1959 the plans were recovered from the much documentation that kept the archives of the parish. To clear up any doubts about the authenticity of the project, a rigorous study was commissioned to the prestigious American researcher George R. Collins, who certified that the plans of the Santíssim de Alella project were the work of the author of the Sagrada Familia.

Art Nouveau Gaudí Tour Barcelona

On the other hand, there are reasonable indications to believe that the staircase of the bell tower of the church of Sant Feliu is a work of Gaudí, projected during his stays in Alella. The year 1975, on the occasion of the millennial celebrations of the place name of Alella, the architect Lluís Bonet i Garí reformed the main altar of the parish church and placed around the tabernacle a triptych with the letters of the sanctus, inspired by the original project of Gaudí . Alella also has a park dedicated to the modernist architect, with a tribute monolith.



L’arquitectura entre dos segles

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Text: Pep Andreu


Hike & Wine Tours- Things to do in Alella Barcelona

To sum up, one of the best things to do in Alella Barcelona is enjoying a hike & wine tour. Nature, adventure, mountains, sea, vineyards and great wine is the perfect combination to enjoy your holidays in Barcelona. So check our website an join the barcelona wine adventure

Hike & Wine Tours Alella

Things to do in Alella Barcelona

Hike & Wine Tours Barcelona

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