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Things To Do In Sitges Barcelona Beach!

Things to do in Sitges Barcelona Beach!

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1. History- Things to do in Sitges Barcelona

Sitges is a beautiful town nearby Barcelona perfect for half day trip. Among many activities, one of the best things to do in Sitges Barcelona is enjoying Garraf beaches, Sitges Town Hall, Wine Tour and Food Wine Tasting while visiting a Garraf Winery DO Penedès.

Sitges Origins

The meaning of the name of Sitges comes from “sitja” in catalan, which is a storage place for storing grain. In the place where today is the Town Hall, in the s. XI was the castle of Sitges. During the 11th century, the territory of Penedès and Garraf was filled with small castles and small urban centers around it, such as Olivella, Cubelles, La Geltrú and Ribes, were created. From the castle of Ribes depended Sitges and the squares of Miralpeix, Campdàsens and the Shops of Sitges, so the current municipal district did not have a single lord.

Wine Tour Sitges Castle

Sitges Castle

Sant Pere de Ribes  Lord ceded the dominion of the castle of Sitges in the s. XIV to a family that in the s. XII adopted the name of the ceded territory. It was Agnès de Sitges that in 1308 sold his rights of Castile to Bernat de Fonollar, who was his lord until 1326. Bernat de Fonollar was the trusted man of King James II the Fair and became the The most important man in history Mitgeval Sitgetana.

Sitges War History

Sitges lived for centuries during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, because of the different wars of the time it had several consequences: at the beginning of the war between France and Spain (1640-1659), 600 Neapolitan soldiers of the ‘ Felipe IV’s army of Spain, entered Sitges and stole everything they could.

Subsequently, in 1649, for 2 days the town of Sitges suffered harassment, bombardment by sea and land and looting of the Castilian troops of Joan de Garay (viceroy of Catalonia). This attack caused great destructions in the town, as well as the collapse of part of the wall, two towers and part of the castle that would not be reconstructed until 1681.

2. Sitges Wine Garraf Penedès DO – Things to do in Sitges Barcelona

Sitges Winery Tour

The Grape growers Association of Garraf is born from the initiative of risky wine growers who defend the typicality of the Garraf massif. Terroir is the sum of soil, climate and history. All this makes the wines that are made in this area have a different character.

Sitges Walking Tour

The main cause of all these wineries is the defense of our vineyards. That is why we all are wine growers and wine producers of the Garraf massif. The wine history of our vineyards is ancestral and the involvement of the society with the landscape goes through to know and enjoy with the wines that are elaborated in the Garraf massif, and in this way, to conserve the so unique landscape that we have.

Penedès Wine – Things to do in Sitges Barcelona

Denomination of Origin Penedès Winery Tour

Una de les zones de més projecció internacional de Catalunya és el Penedès, que destaca per la qualitat dels seus productes i el dinamisme de la seva gent. El territori de la denominació s’estén des del pont del Diable fins a l’arc de Berà, i des de Montserrat (serralada prelitoral) fins al Mediterrani. La DO Penedès inclou diversitat de microclimes i sòls. La climatologia és típicament mediterrània, suau i càlida.


Things to do in Sitges Barcelona

White Wine Penedès- Garraf Sitges

Gran productora de vins blancs, la varietat estrella dels quals és el xarel·lo, ofereix vins joves, suaus, sedosos, afruitats i amb bona acidesa, i vins blancs més estructurats que han estat elaborats i/o criats en bóta, i que són consistents, càlids, llargs i amb final mineral.

Rose Wine Sitges Barcelona

Els rosats són fragants, amb una aroma intensa i persistent, adaptats a la modernitat i molt valorats pels mercats. Els negres tenen cos i estructura gràcies als tanins sedosos que aporta la maduració del raïm.

Sparkling Wine Barcelona Catalonia

Finalment, els vins escumosos són equilibrats i estructurats, reflex del raïm, de la segona fermentació en ampolla amb un mínim de 15 mesos i dels sòls del Penedès.


3. Things to do in Sitges Barcelona

Sant Sebastià Beach

Home to many good restaurants, with a wide variety of food styles and prices, Sant Sebastià Beach features a pedestrianized promenade, where you’ll enjoy walking until the end, where you’ll find an open space in front of the Ermita Sant Sebastià. From here, you can continue walking to the top of the cliff, in the direction of the Port d’Aiguadolç, to another beach. This is a good, leisurely walk and a relaxing time, worth undertaking, while in the area.


Güell Winery Gaudí & Modernisme

Bodegas Güell is a surprising and beautiful architectural complex, comprised of a winery and designed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Either to enjoy good wines or to simply gaze at the architect’s wonderful building, this edifice is worth a visit!


Sitges Wine Tour & Wine Tasting

Sitges Wine Tour Penedès


Buddhist Temple Sitges

Sakya Tashi Ling is a monastery belonging to one of four Buddhist schools from Tibet, in the Sakyapa tradition. The monastery is overseen by the Venerable Lama Jamyang Tashi Dorje and was founded in July 1996. Based in the Plana Novella palace, deep inside the Garraf Natural Park, 40 minutes away from Barcelona, the first Buddhist monastery in Catalonia is an incredible place, where you’ll find yourself peacefully enjoying a relaxing and wonderful area. It’s a great day away from the holiday rush!


Sightseeing Sitges Centre – Old Quarter Route

More info.

Sitges Film Festival – Things to do in Sitges Barcelona

International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, please click for more info.


Walk & Wine Tour Sitges

Hereby our hike & wine tours.


Things to do in Sitges Barcelona






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