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Visit Sant Pol De Mar On Summer Holidays

Visit Sant Pol de Mar on Summer Holidays

Are you planning to visit Sant Pol de Mar on Summer holidays?

Visit Sant Pol de Mar


Visit Sant Pol de Mar – a bit of history

First of all, we will do a short summary of Sant Pol de Mar history before while explaining how to visit Sant Pol de Mar on Summer.

To start with, the origin of Sant Pol name comes from the Monastery Sant Pau. To clarify, first documents were found in s.X Medieval time. More over, the economic progress was made for the activity of the monastery.

Further, during S. XI – XIV was the time of maximum splendor “important cultural made center that had a library and a scriptorium” In the same vein, prior de Sant Pau bought the king’s books.


Visit Sant Pol de Mar on Summer Holidays

In addition, during end S.XV the nuns abandoned the monastery due to the general economic crisis, plagues and civil wars. To clarify, on S XVI the recovery of the monastery begins. For instance, is one of the choice when planning to visit Sant Pol de Mar on Summer holidays.

Consequently, on 1599 Sant Pol becomes independent from Sant Cebrià. In other words, the small village from Maresme coast becomes an autonomous municipality. For example, the main activities were the cultivation of vineyards, commercialization of wine with America and fishing activities.

Above all, the arrival of the train was on 1859. As a result, there was an important development of the industrial sector together with diversified agriculture and fishing sector. That is to say, there was an important economic progress.

Certainly, beginning s.XX Sant Pol de Mar was a summer village for the high-class families of Barcelona.

Visit Sant Pol de Mar on summer holidays


What to do in Sant Pol de Mar

In short, there is a legend of the famous sun clock. On one hand, the clock was covered with an awning due to the storms and badweather. Therefore, the sun clock was useless. So, the maresmencs from other Maresme towns, always joke asking “what time it is Sant Pol”? On the other hand, the sun clock was destroyed by the Felipistas troops during the War of Succession on 1714.


Visit Sant Pol de Mar on Summer Holidays


Hike & Wine Tours Sant Pol de Mar

That is to say, are you thinking to visit Sant Pol on summer holidays?

Moreover, do you like to go for adventure and enjoy food & wine tasting?

Certainly, Hike & Wine Tours in Maresme are a great choice to enjoy your summer days.

To sum up, mountains, sea, vineyards and local culture are your opportunity to discover Sant Pol de Mar surroundings in a different way. So, visit Sant Pol de Mar during Summer holidays… and join the Maresme Wine Adventure!!

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